The AGT Small Grants Program is now open for applications from the Australian grain growing industry.

AGT is supporting individuals and groups in rural communities to thrive through the AGT Small Grants Program.

The first program of its kind delivered by an Australian plant breeding company, the AGT Small Grants Program is designed to support adoption and utilisation of improved crop varieties by farmers, as well as supporting activities that directly link to plant breeding research.

By contributing $30,000 per annum back to regional communities, AGT hopes to foster and showcase innovation across regional Australia by collaborating with people in the grains industry, whilst recognising the central role farmers play in a vibrant agricultural industry.

Applications are now open for the 2017/18 AGT Small Grants Program

All applications must include a completed AGT Small Grants Program form and supporting documentation.

Any enquiries about the AGT Small Grants Program can be directed to Rebecca Freeman, at or on 0414 844 425.

Please ensure you read the assessment criteria and methodology prior to submitting your application, to ensure you are eligible to apply for funding.  Applications for assessment in the initial round will remain open until 31 January 2018.  Further rounds will be opened at the discretion of AGT.


Some examples of potential activities/projects that would be able to be considered in an AGT Small Grants Program include:

  • Supporting a farmer to attend an interstate grains industry conference
  • Providing assistance to secondary or university students towards their studies
  • Enabling a farmer to implement a small trial on farm for the purpose of improving current systems
  • Enabling a regional community to pay for a guest speaker/expert at a local grains workshop or event
  • Supporting a regional group to offer discounted grains workshop registration to members
  • Providing an individual with the opportunity to accelerate a start-up venture that would benefit farmers

AGT Small Grants Program Application Form

Assessment Criteria for the AGT Small Grants Program

Assessment of applications to the AGT Small Grants Program will be measured against the following criteria:

  • The activity/project is unique and not part of an ongoing or recurring activity/project
  • The recipient is directly involved in the grains industry, with preference given to individuals working pre-farm gate (on farm)
  • How closely the activity/project relates to supporting adoption or utilisation of improved field varieties by farmers
  • Activities/projects for which there are no other readily available funding support
  • Activities may, but are not required to link to plant breeding research
  • Location of the activity/project and recipient, in relation to past AGT grant investment
  • The extent to which the recipient is able to demonstrate AGT’s support for the activity/project

Methodology for delivery of the AGT Small Grants Program

The following methodology is applied to deliver the AGT Small Grants Program:

  • AGT will provide up to $30,000 per year towards successful applications to the AGT Small Grants Program
  • AGT Small Grants Program will be open from October 2017 – September 2018 for applications, unless funds are exhausted.
  • AGT selection panel of 4 staff will review and award grants at regular intervals, dependent on quality and timeliness of applications received
  • AGT reserve the right to partially award a recipient their requested grant amount
  • Recipients can receive a maximum of 1 grant per annum
  • Recipients must provide a formal 500 word written report with visual collateral (photographs, video interviews/blogs) to AGT for marketing purposes