• Elite yields
  • Good black point and stripe rust resistance
  • Mid-season maturity, slightly slower than Chief CL Plus and Scepter
  • AH quality classification
  • Moderate grain size, with slightly higher levels of screenings than other Clearfield® varieties
  • Tolerant to Clearfield® Intervix® herbicide

Breeders comments

Sunblade CL Plus (tested as SUN968G) has emerged as a genuine option for SA and Victorian farmers looking to maximise yields when using Clearfield® tolerant varieties. Whilst being released predominantly for NSW and Queensland, Sunblade CL Plus has proved that it performs further south, recording very high yields over-all in NVT testing.

Sunblade CL Plus is based on the popular NSW and Queensland variety Suntop, and consequently lacks some of the key features that are often valued by South Australian and Victorian growers, including CCN resistance and large, consistent grain size.

Sunblade CL Plus enters the SA and Victorian market as a very high yielding, AH quality variety, with a mid-season maturity, similar to Scepter. With tolerance to Clearfield® Intervix®, Sunblade CL Plus may be viewed as an alternative to all other Clearfield® wheat varieties for use with in-crop Intervix® application, or may be used as a safe plant back option if imidazolinone residues are of a concern.

For full details download the Sunblade CL Plus fact sheet

Clearfield® System

Sunblade CL Plus has been specifically developed to carry two genes for tolerance to Clearfield® Intervix® herbicide. Intervix® is a member of the imidazolinone chemical family with Group B mode of action, offering one-pass post-emergent knockdown and residual control of many major grass and broadleaf weeds. Intervix® herbicide is available via the Clearfield® Agricentre Agency system, administered by BASF. For more information visit www.crop-solutions.basf.com.au or Toll Free 1800 558 399.

Seed Availability

Commercial quantities of Sunblade CL Plus may be available through AGT Affiliates, or your local retailer.

Seed of Sunblade CL Plus cannot be legally traded between growers. The sale or trade of seed of Sunblade CL Plus ‘farmer to farmer’ is an infringement of Australian Law under the Plant Breeders Rights ACT of 1994.


Sunblade CL Plus is protected by Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) and all production (except seed saved for planting) is liable to an End Point Royalty (EPR), which funds future plant breeding.

Sunblade CL Plus growers will be subject to a Growers License Agreement that acknowledges that an EPR of $4.35/tonne + GST has to be paid on all production other than seed saved for planting. (*$3.80/tonne AGT breeder royalty, $0.55/tonne BASF technical fee).