• Dual purpose winter wheat for grazing and grain production
  • A higher yielding alternative to EGA Wedgetail and LRPB Kittyhawk
  • AH quality classification in northern NSW
  • Mid-quick winter maturity, 2-3 days quicker than EGA Wedgetail
  • Improved resistance to stripe rust and black point over EGA Wedgetail

Breeders comments

Mixed farming has traditionally had a strong presence in NSW. The mixture of cropping and livestock has benefited farmers, helping to improve profits while also assisting in risk management. Dual purpose wheats offer many benefits to farmers in a mixed enterprise, and EGA Wedgetail has been the variety of choice for many seasons now.

Illabo is the first variety to be released from our dedicated winter wheat breeding program at Wagga Wagga, and has been bred with the intent of offering growers an improved version of EGA Wedgetail. The main improvement that Illabo offers over EGA Wedgetail is yield. In long term NVT long season trials across north eastern NSW, Illabo has outperformed both EGA Wedgetail and LRPB Kittyhawk by 6.5% and 3.5% respectively.

Like its parent EGA Wedgetail, Illabo requires a period of cold temperatures (vernalisation) before moving from vegetative to reproductive growth, and this maturity trigger allows Illabo to be sown early in the cropping program with the aim of producing increased dry matter to fill early feed gaps.

To maximise grain only yield, Illabo appears ideally suited to mid-late April sowing in high yield environments, and mid-April planting in low yield environments

Seed Availability

Commercial quantities of Illabo may be available through AGT Affiliates, or your local retailer.

Illabo is able to be traded between growers upon the completion of a License Agreement as part of AGT’s Seed Sharing™ initiative.


Illabo is protected by Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) and all production (except seed saved for planting) is liable to an End Point Royalty (EPR), which funds future plant breeding.

Illabo growers will be subject to a Growers License Agreement that acknowledges that an EPR of $3.5/tonne + GST has to be paid on all production other than seed saved for planting.