A brand’s success is dependent on not only its initial design, but in its implementation.

Brand Guidelines

These guidelines will assist you in the proper use of this brand, to ensure that it is at all times consistent, communicative and attractive, thereby serving its intended purpose as a visual representation of AGT.


The AGT brand identity is a visual representation of the organisation’s creation process. The sixty-four small seeds represent the multitude of seeds that are collected and tested by AGT, their gradual increase in size show the gradual, methodical improvements made to the seeds through cross-pollenation. These many seeds, the sum of their work, come together to form one large seed: their final product.

The AGT logo forms the foundation of the organisation’s brand identity and must adhear to the specifications set in the brand guidelines document.


The AGT Logo has been expanded to include a family of cohesive sub-brands, shown below. All recommendations relating to the use of the primary AGT logo apply to all of these, and any future sub-brands.