The Board of Australian Grain Technologies Pty Ltd (AGT) recognises that any genuine commitment to detecting and preventing illegal and other undesirable conduct must include, as a fundamental cornerstone, a mechanism whereby employees and others can report their concerns freely and without fear of repercussion.

This Whistleblower Policy (Policy) provides such a mechanism and encourages the reporting of such conduct.

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1. Who are you making a complaint or report about

Please provide details of the person(s) involved. Please provide as much information as you can. If you are unsure or do not know, please leave blank.

Name and position of the person who is the subject of your report

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2. Summary of complaint or report

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When did this conduct occur?
When did you become aware of this conduct?
Have you reported this conduct elsewhere? *
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3. About you

Whistleblower protection laws and the AGT Policy apply to the following people:

  • a current or former AGT employee
  • a current or former officer or associate of AGT
  • a service providor or contractor who is providing goods and services to AGT (whether paid or unpaid) including their employees
  • a relative, dependent or spouse of one of the above
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Your details

Please Note:

You are not obliged to disclose your identity in order to make a complaint or report. You may also choose to provide your name, but request limits on who may be provided with your identity. For example, you may ask that only the Whistleblower Protection Officer (WPO) be aware of your identity.
Do you wish to restrict disclosure of your identity? *
4. Consent

This report will be assessed and a decision made about how the matter is to be dealt with by the WPO. We may need to contact another other people or authorities to seek further information about the matter or for further action. We will endeavour to respect your wishes wherever possible and will not disclose your identity and contact details without your consent, and only to the extent necessary for the purpose of investigating and dealing with the matter appropriately.

Do you consent to the disclosure of your identity and contact details to the extent necessary for those purposes? *
If you are unsure, select 'No' at this stage and discuss this with the WPO at a later date.
5. Review

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