The release of two new lupin varieties for the 2024 season demonstrates AGT’s commitment to the lupin industry.

AGT ‘game changer’ lupin varieties poised for release

“We have been working hard on improving the lupin germplasm that we received from the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development in 2016.” AGT CEO and Head of Breeding, Haydn Kuchel said.

“Plant breeding can be a slow process, but since we took over the lupin breeding mantle, AGT has applied cutting edge DNA based genomic selection at a level beyond any legume breeding in Australia to ramp up the rate of yield improvement. We also use advanced statistics and robotics to ensure that lupin breeding keeps pace with wheat and barley breeding. This year we went a step further, fast-tracking the seed production of two new lupin varieties over summer in southern WA. We plan on growing four generations of lupins in just two years to make sure that WA growers have the best lupin varieties in their paddocks as soon as possible.

These two new lupin varieties are testament to that investment, and will demonstrate a leap forward for lupin growers - offering wide adaptation, high and stable yields, low risk of pod shatter and seed splitting, metribuzin tolerance and improved stem Phomopsis resistance.”

“AGT has always been committed to developing varieties that deliver greater returns to growers. These two new varieties, tested as AGTP0013 and AGTP0054, are exciting alternatives to what is currently available to lupin growers.”

The two new varieties each bring an exciting balance of traits to lupin growers:

In trials, AGTP0013 has shown itself best suited to northern and central WA and has slightly quicker maturity than PBA Jurien while AGTP0054 displays an advantage in southern growing regions of WA, being slightly slower maturing than PBA Jurien. Both have market leading yield potential and improved CMV resistance and stem Phomopsis resistance over PBA Jurien and Coyote respectively.

AGT Lupin breeder Matt Aubert

For his part, AGT Lupin breeder Matt Aubert is excited to have both new varieties so close to commercial launch.

“It’s a clear indication that the lupin breeding program is really starting to hum.” Matt said. “We’re very proud of our first release, Coyote, and recent release Lawler for the eastern states, however the varieties slated for release to growers in 2024 signal a major step in providing Australia’s largest lupin growing region -WA -with elite yield, improved agronomics and disease resistance.”

“Lupins play a significant role in supplying cropping systems with nitrogen and are well adapted to the sandy soils found in the Western Australian wheatbelt. WA accounts for more than 80% of lupin exports and is the world's leading producer and exporter of lupins, so these variety releases are incredibly important for the farmers of Western Australia.”

The two new Lupin varieties will be named and released in spring 2023.