AGT has committed to renew its community donation program for 2023 with community donations of up to $10,000

AGT renews commitment to supporting rural communities.

Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.

To mark this milestone AGT undertook a number of ground-breaking initiatives, and in the process gave back to the farming communities that have supported them over the journey.

One such initiative was giving away seed of AGT’s first ever canola varieties. Three open-pollinated varieties (two of them triazine tolerant and the other conventional) were launched in August and free seed was offered to AGT growers. The purpose of this was to thanks those growers that have supported AGT over their twenty year history by growing AGT wheat, barley, durum and lupin varieties and paying End Point Royalties (EPR); and to offer growers more choice in the open pollinated canola space.

Another program embarked upon by AGT in its anniversary year was the establishment of a series of community donations. These donations were offered to growers of AGT varieties across Australia who had need of varying levels of cash support for projects that would benefit the community in which they lived. The community donations were an acknowledgement that AGT’s prolonged success has depended on the support of Australian grain growers and the communities that sustain them. AGT reached out to farming areas that had been strong supporters of the company and asked for ideas on how to help. The response was overwhelming.

Several restoration and renovation projects from Yuna in WA to North Star in NSW were funded by AGT, with grants contributing to building new playgrounds, fixing nurses quarters, creating child-safe playrooms and even purchasing a new lawnmower for a local sports club.

Yuna CWA received a donation from AGT to repair a building that was damaged by Cyclone Seroja

What became clear through the process of assessing the numerous requests and awarding these donations was that there is an ongoing need in rural communities for more to be done by businesses like AGT that earn their livelihood from the work done in the field by Australian grain growers.

For this reason, AGT has committed to renew its community donation program for 2023 with donations of up to $10,000 for worthy projects.

Applications for AGT’s Community Donation program have now closed for 2023.