Quality classification upgrades effective for the 2022/2023 harvest

AGT wheat varieties gain quality classification upgrades

Calibre, AGT’s newly released elite yielding, widely adapted wheat variety has recently gained an Australian Prime Hard (APH) quality classification for the South Eastern Zone, effective for the 2022/2023 harvest.

The quality classification upgrade means that growers in southern NSW may be able to extract even more value from growing Calibre, strengthening the case for growers throughout the region to adopt the variety.

Calibre remains an Australian Hard (AH) classified variety in Victoria, SA and WA.

Meanwhile, Western Australian growers of Clearfield® wheat variety Hammer CL Plus now have more delivery options with the variety gaining an Australian Premium Noodle (APWN) classification to go along with the AH classification that it already holds.

Now with more marketing flexibility, Hammer CL Plus is emerging as the leading Clearfield® wheat variety in WA, offering a robust disease resistance package, competitive yields and an excellent physical grain quality package.

Other important wheat quality classification upgrades to take effect for the 2022/23 harvest include:

  • Suntop to APH in the Southern Zone
  • Sunmaster to APH in the Southern Zone
  • Ballista to AH in the Northern Zone
  • Longsword to Australian White Wheat (AWW) across all zones