Crop breeding specialist Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) is predicting big things from two new AH wheat varieties, Ballista and Hammer CL Plus.

Exciting new options for southern wheat growers

AGT’s Roseworthy-based wheat breeder James Edwards said the varieties have been released off the back of outstanding results in AGT yield trials over many years.

“Ballista has recorded very high and stable yields in all regions, but does particularly well in the Mallee where it has set a new yield benchmark, outperforming Scepter and the newer variety Vixen in AGT and NVT trials.

“We are excited to offer Ballista to growers in low to medium rainfall environments as a very high yielding AH variety, with the adaptation, maturity and CCN resistance of Mace that we know growers like”.

Roseworthy wheat breeder Dr. James Edwards in a demo plot of new variety Ballista

Hammer CL Plus also has good resistance to CCN and yellow leaf spot, and offers a unique combination of high yield potential and AH-quality grain for growers using the Clearfield® production system.

“Hammer CL Plus is the highest yielding AH Clearfield® variety currently available,” Dr Edwards said.

“In trials it performed significantly better than the mainstay AH Clearfield® varieties Grenade CL Plus and Kord CL Plus.

“Yields have been very similar to Mace, and only slightly below the yield benchmark, but ASW-quality, Razor CL Plus.”

Both Ballista and Hammer CL Plus are available through AGT Affiliates for 2021 planting.

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