Scepter wheat now has an AH classification in southern NSW.

Scepter Wheat Delivers AH Quality Classification for Southern NSW Grain Growers

Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) have now secured an AH quality classification for Scepter wheat in southern NSW.

Initially released in 2015, Scepter is a high yielding main season variety developed from Mace. It performs very well in tough seasons where drought stress is an issue, having the ability to maintain yield whilst also expressing high test weights and low screenings. Scepter is adapted to a wide range of environments and soil types whilst offering strong yellow leaf spot resistance, giving growers a high yielding option in wheat on wheat situations. National Variety Trials in southern NSW have consistently demonstrated the ability of Scepter to deliver improved yield in comparison to other main season varieties.

Previously unclassified, grain from Scepter crops delivered into southern NSW receival points will be eligible for the AH quality grade for the coming harvest. This brings the classification of Scepter for southern NSW in line with South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia where it is fast becoming the leading wheat variety grown.

“Scepter being classified as an AH variety is a great outcome for southern NSW growers.  We know there is already a significant area of this variety being grown across Australia due to its adaptability and yield profile. Receiving an AH quality classification means southern NSW growers can now add Scepter into their cropping programs to help boost returns,” commented James Whiteley, AGTs southern NSW Marketing Manager.

Paul McCaskie, grower and agronomist from West Wyalong NSW, trialled Scepter in 2016 and has expanded his planting for 2017 whilst also taking advantage of AGTs Seed SharingTM initiative. “Scepter appears to be a versatile variety that performs across different seasonal conditions.  In the favourable 2016 season we saw Scepter keep up with other varieties and, with the way that the heads fill quickly, it has the ability to maintain yield capability in drier conditions.” 

Scepter is available through AGT Affiliates, local retailers and is able to be traded between growers as part of AGTs Seed SharingTM initiative.