The Roseworthy Plant Breeding Centre will increase the capacity of AGT to deliver superior genetics into the future.

World Class Plant Breeding Facilities Due for Completion in 2018

Construction of the cutting edge Roseworthy Plant Breeding Centre is well underway, providing a new hub for Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) to deliver superior genetics for use by Australian farmers.

Home to state of the art greenhouse, breeding and lab facilities, office and meeting rooms, the Roseworthy Plant Breeding Centre will increase the capacity of AGT to expand breeding programs across a range of crop types and improve an already impressive track record for producing market leading field crop varieties. 

“Great breeding requires good germplasm, access to cutting edge technology and a team of skilled people to pull it all together,” stated Haydn Kuchel, Chief Executive Officer.

“We have been amazingly blessed at AGT to have a world class team working for Australian farmers and our new Roseworthy based Southern Crop Breeding Centre will give us the ability to enhance our existing plant breeding efforts, providing even greater benefit to farmers into the future.”

“Farmers support us by paying royalties on the varieties that they grow, and we are committed to investing back into developing improved varieties for them.”

With the continual growth of the business, AGT has outgrown its current home at Roseworthy Campus, University of Adelaide, and now requires greater space and enhanced facilities. Although the new site will be located off-campus, AGT will continue to maintain strong links to the University through joint research, education and Roseworthy campus-based plant breeding trials.

Kennett Construction commenced building the Ashley Halliday Architect designed precinct in November 2016 using  local contractors such as LAKA Earthmovers. The new Roseworthy Plant Breeding Centre is due to be completed in the first quarter of 2018 and will be the result of more than $15 million of investment by AGT.

This investment follows other strategic infrastructure improvements made recently by AGT at their three other plant breeding centres nationally, in Northam WA, Wagga Wagga NSW and Narrabri NSW.

AGT remain dedicated to improving the lives of Australian rural families through the development and adoption of improved field varieties and look forward to continuing a strong relationship with Adelaide University, supporting upcoming students and collaborating on joint research projects.