Leading field crop breeder Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) has announced the release of their new barley variety ‘Yeti’, with unrivalled yields for growers in the northern cropping region.

Yeti barley offers Northern growers a monster yield

“The yield performance of Yeti over all other barley varieties in the northern region is impossible to ignore,” says AGT barley breeder Stewart Coventry.

Yeti has set a new yield benchmark for the northern region, out-yielding RGT Planet by almost 5%, Compass by 8% and Spartacus CL by more than 13%.

Over four years of AGT yield evaluation and two years of National Variety Trials testing, Yeti (tested as AGTB0043) performed well in all major cropping regions but its performance and yield stability was most impressive across the northern region.

AGT barley breeder Stewart Coventry is expecting big things from new variety Yeti.

The variety was selected from advanced germplasm sourced by AGT from the University of Adelaide and is closely related to Compass.

“Yeti shares the same grain characteristics as Compass, with high test weights and excellent grain size,” Mr Coventry says.

“However, it has a shorter plant height for improved standability – which is essential for growers to be able to make the most of the variety.

“Ultimately, that greater yield and reliability will translate into higher profits for growers who plant Yeti.”

The grain characteristics are also excellent, with test weight only marginally lower than Spartacus CL and significantly better than RGT Planet. Yeti also delivers very low screenings losses and high retentions.

In addition, Yeti has a useful disease resistance profile, including good resistance to spot form net blotch.

“Our barley breeding program is maturing and we are very excited to be releasing our new varieties – especially a variety with Yeti’s potential to help growers substantially increase their harvests,” Mr Coventry says.

AGT Marketing Manager for the northern region Douglas Lush in new yield benchmark Yeti.

AGT Marketing Manager for Northern NSW/Queensland Douglas Lush agrees Yeti will provide an outstanding option for our farmers in the northern region.

“For a variety to deliver high yields and good grain size in favourable years and then maintain that advantage through tough seasons is an outstanding feature,” he says.

“The fact that Yeti can do it with at least a 5% yield advantage over other currently grown varieties is exceptional.

“Having a high yielding crop that stands well, improves harvest efficiencies and reduces harvest losses will make a huge difference to growers’ productivity.”

Yeti has entered the Barley Australia malt accreditation program and is currently deliverable as feed.

Yeti is available through AGT Affiliates and local retailers for 2022 sowing.