• Slow-very slow maturity, best suited to mid-April plantings
  • APH quality classification
  • Good stem and stripe rust resistance
  • High test weights
  • Suited to northern NSW and southern Queensland

Breeders comments

With an APH classification and slow-very slow maturity, Sunmax is one of the best planting options when there is an early break in the season. Choosing to grow Sunmax will help utilise early soil moisture, avoid frost damage later in the season, and lift overall farm yields and profit in northern NSW and southern Queensland.

Sunmax is a long season spring wheat, slower in maturity than Sunbri and Sunzell but slightly quicker than Sunbrook. When planted in mid to late April it has produced highly competitive yields relative to similar maturing varieties in northern NSW and southern Queensland NVT and AGT trials.

It has an excellent level of stripe rust resistance based on major genes and multiple minor APR genes. It also has useful levels of tolerance and resistance to other major diseases including crown rot and root lesion nematodes (P. thornei).

Being a long season variety, it is critical that Sunmax is sown in the mid to late April planting window to minimise screening risk associated with terminal drought stress.

Leaf tip necrosis in Sunmax wheat - info sheet

Seed Availability

Commercial quantities of Sunmax may be available through AGT Affiliates, or your local retailer.

Sunmax is able to be traded between growers upon the completion of a License Agreement as part of AGT’s Seed Sharing™ initiative.


Sunmax is protected by Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) and all production (except seed saved for planting) is liable to an End Point Royalty (EPR), which funds future plant breeding.

Sunmax growers will be subject to a Growers License Agreement that acknowledges that an EPR of $3.5/tonne + GST has to be paid on all production other than seed saved for planting.