• Elite grain yield, similar to Scepter
  • APH quality classification in southern NSW
  • Derived from popular variety Scepter
  • Quick-mid maturity, slightly quicker than Scepter
  • Very widely adapted, suited to most growing regions of southern NSW
  • Good sprouting tolerance, similar to Scepter
  • Longer coleoptile than most commonly grown varieties
  • Improved powdery mildew resistance over Scepter

Breeders comments

Calibre (tested as RAC2721) is the first variety derived from Scepter to hit the market, offering offering a number of important improvements over its parent.

Calibre has an APH quality classification in southern NSW. This is an improvement over both its parent Scepter and other AH main season yield benchmark Beckom, allowing growers of Calibre to capitalise on high protein levels when the opportunity arises.

Calibre also offers growers the opportunity to access longer coleoptile genetics in an elite yielding background. The coleoptile length of a wheat variety is a factor that limits how deep you can plant. So, it’s not surprising that there are many instances where a longer coleoptile is needed: when there is a chance of furrow fill by wind or rain; when chasing receding moisture profiles; or when trying to achieve adequate pre-emergent herbicide separation. Calibre has a longer coleoptile which may offer benefits to growers in these situations.

The yellow leaf spot resistance of Calibre is good, achieving a similar level of resistance to Scepter. Calibre also offers a valuable improvement in powdery mildew resistance over Scepter.

With elite grain yield, improved coleoptile length, APH quality, very wide adaptation, and a disease package similar to its parent Scepter, Calibre makes an excellent replacement for Scepter.

For full details download the Calibre fact sheet

Coleoptile length & effect of sowing depth on wheat - info sheet

Seed Availability

Commercial quantities of Calibre may be available through AGT Affiliates, or your local retailer.

Calibre is able to be traded between growers upon the completion of a License Agreement as part of AGT’s Seed Sharing™ initiative.


Calibre is protected by Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) and all production (except seed saved for planting) is liable to an End Point Royalty (EPR), which funds future plant breeding.

Calibre growers will be subject to a Growers License Agreement that acknowledges that an EPR of $3.5/tonne + GST has to be paid on all production other than seed saved for planting.