Thank you for taking the time to let us know about the AGT varieties that you grow. For us to continue to breed field crops that benefit Australian growers, it's important that we understand where and when AGT varieties are grown. This applies to seed sourced through retailers or traded via the AGT Seed Sharing™ marketplace. Please take a few minutes to provide us with your correct details, and to ensure you have understood and completed our Variety License Agreement.

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Seed sold or obtained through Seed Sharing™

Seed Sharing™ is a popular initiative offered by AGT, allowing the legal trade of grain from AGT varieties between growers for use as seed.

Growers who purchased seed of an eligible AGT wheat variety from a recognised seed retailer, are offered the legal right, under the terms of a License Agreement, to sell or trade grain derived from these varieties to another grower for use as seed under AGT's unique Seed Sharing™

Seed can only be legally traded with the return of a completed AGT Variety License Agreement.

Seed obtained via Seed Sharing™

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Seed Purchased from Retailer

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Variety Licence Agreement

With a few exceptions, field crops planted in Australia are the product of years of development and research by plant breeding companies such as AGT.

The importance of this research and development is recognised by the Australian Government, which includes Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) as a form of intellectual property in much the same way as medicine patents or film copyright.

The purpose of a Variety License Agreement (VLA) is to protect the intellectual property rights of the plant breeder and to ensure that the grower who is benefiting from the research and development efforts of the plant breeder, pays an End Point Royalty (EPR) on the crop that is harvested.

EPRs are AGT’s only source of income and so are vital for our ongoing research and breeding of crops specifically for Australian grain growers. Unlike most other royalty payments that are built into a product's purchase price, EPRs are only required to be paid once the crop is harvested, so AGT shares the risks of your crop's success.

It is a requirement of growing AGT varieties that you have read and understood the VLA associated with them.

You can read and download the AGT VLA below:
Variety License agreement acknowledgement *