We are committed to the education of tomorrow's plant breeders and researchers. We provide teaching, mentoring and project supervision in partnership with local research and teaching agencies.

A number of AGT staff members are affiliated with universities and are active in lecturing and/or student supervision. If you are interested in studying with AGT, please contact one of the following plant breeders:

AGT Staff Member University Affiliation
Dr Haydn Kuchel University of Adelaide
­Dr James Edwards University of Adelaide
Dr Meiqin Lu University of Sydney
Dr Russell Eastwood Charles Sturt University

Honours and PhD projects undertaken within or contributed to by AGT

Honours Student Topic
Charlotte Fox The genetic control and agronomic effects of leaf waxiness and glaucousness in bread wheat in South Australia
Tom Giles Development of selection methods for long coleoptile in a wheat breeding programme
Michael Brougham The relationship between VRN sensitivity, PPD sensitivity, BVP and grain yield
Michael Lines Identifying herbicide tolerance in bread wheat
Paul Telfer The grazing tolerance of wheat in dual-purpose systems
Adam Norman Genetic dissection of grain size and test weight in wheat
PhD Student Topic
Haydn Kuchel The genetic analysis and manipulation of economically important traits in bread wheat
Jason Reinheimer The genetic improvement of wheat and barley for reproductive frost tolerance
James Edwards The genetic mapping of drought related traits in bread wheat
Dion Bennett The genetics of drought and heat tolerance in bread wheat
Michael Quinn The genetic and environmental control of yellow pigment in durum wheat
Saba Mahjourimajd Dissecting genetic variation for nitrogen use efficiency in wheat
Paul Telfer Evaluating wheat (Triticum aestivum) breeding selection tools for the improvement of adaptation - using heat stress as a case study
Adam Norman The application of genomic selection to a commercial wheat breeding programme
James Walter The application of precision agriculture tools to a wheat breeding programme