• Wide adaptation
  • Metribuzin tolerant
  • Reduced risk of seed splitting compared with PBA Jurien
  • Susceptible to stem phomopsis
  • Slightly slower maturity relative to PBA Jurien

Breeders comments

In 2016 AGT took over the responsibility of breeding lupins from the WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). We accepted this challenge because we believe that grain legumes are a critical component of a healthy and sustainable WA farming system. Coyote (tested as WALAN2546) is the first narrow-leaf lupin variety to be released by AGT, selected from the advanced germplasm licensed from DPIRD.

Importantly, Coyote offers a lower risk of split seed compared to PBA Jurien and some other varieties, which may help in reducing the risk of poor establishment the following season. Coyote has achieved competitive yields compared to PBA Jurien and PBA Barlock, with broad adaptation.

In high rainfall environments where sheep graze lupin stubble over the summer, it is advantageous to monitor crops in season for stem phomopsis. Where the risk of stem phomopsis is high, remove grazing livestock completely. Coyote’s resistance to stem phomopsis is lower than Mandelup, PBA Barlock and PBA Jurien.

The naming convention we have selected for our lupin varieties is Western Australian gold mines, with ‘Coyote’ being a mine located in the Tanami Desert in the states north-east.

For full details download the Coyote fact sheet

Seed Availability

Commercial quantities of Coyote may be available through AGT Affiliates, or your local retailer.

Coyote is able to be traded between growers upon the completion of a License Agreement as part of AGT’s Seed Sharing™ initiative.


Coyote is protected by Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) and all production (except seed saved for planting) is liable to an End Point Royalty (EPR), which funds future plant breeding.

Coyote growers will be subject to a Growers License Agreement that acknowledges that an EPR of $3/tonne + GST has to be paid on all production other than seed saved for planting.