Elmore CL Plus

Elmore CL Plus is well adapted to medium rainfall regions of eastern Australia, and is a direct replacement for Clearfield® Janz in that environment. Elmore CL Plus is best suited to growers looking for in-crop control of problem weeds, or to manage the risk of crop damage from chemical residues following Clearfield® Canola crops sprayed with Intervix®.

  • Characteristics
  • Bred for tolerance to Clearfield Intervix herbicide
  • Mid season maturity, slightly earlier than Janz
  • Well adapted to medium rainfall environments
  • Higher yield potential than Clearfield JNZ
  • AH quality classification in Qld, NSW and Vic
  • South Eastern & Northern Zones Factsheet

Grenade CL Plus

Grenade CL Plus is a mid season maturing Clearfield® variety best adapted to South Australian and Victorian growing conditions. Grenade CL Plus is closely related to Justica CL Plus, but offers improvements in test weight and CCN resistance, as well as AH quality. Grenade CL Plus demonstrates improved pre-harvest sprouting tolerance compared with Kord CL Plus.

  • Characteristics
  • AH quality classification in SA and Victoria
  • Mid season maturity, similar to Gladius
  • Moderately resistant to CCN
  • Improved test weight over Justica CL Plus
  • Improved sprouting tolerance over Kord CL Plus

Hatchet CL Plus

Hatchet CL Plus (RAC1843) is a Clearfield® variety derived from the very early maturing variety Axe. Hatchet CL Plus has an adaptation pattern very similar to its parent Axe, as well as offering higher grain yield, CCN resistance, better stem rust resistance, and imidazolinone tolerance. Hatchet CL Plus tends to perform best relative to other varieties in years which experience droughts, in shorter season environments, or in later sowing situations.

  • Characteristics
  • Very early maturity, 1-2 days earlier than Axe
  • Derived from Axe, with similar adaptation pattern
  • Moderately resistant to CCN
  • AH quality classification in SA and Vic
  • Excellent stripe rust resistance
  • Improved stem rust resistance over Axe
  • Southern Zone Factsheet

Kord CL Plus

Kord CL Plus is a mid season maturing Clearfield® variety derived from the successful South Australian variety Gladius. Kord CL Plus tends to perform best relative to other varieties in years and environments which experience drought stress.

  • Characteristics
  • Derived from Gladius, with similar adaptation pattern
  • Best performance in areas suffering drought stress
  • Moderately resistant to CCN
  • Good stem and stripe rust resistance
  • AH quality classification in SA and Victoria
  • Susceptible to pre-harvest sprouting

Razor CL Plus

Razor CL Plus has Mace parentage, and offers the best overall package of yield, adaptation and disease resistance out of all of the currently available Clearfield wheat varieties. Razor CL Plus has a similar adaptation pattern to Mace, however, is slightly quicker maturing and higher yielding.

  • Characteristics
  • The highest yielding Clearfield wheat variety currently available
  • Derived from widely adapted variety Mace
  • Tolerant of Clearfield Intervix herbicide
  • Early maturity, slightly quicker than Mace, similar to Corack
  • Good physical grain package, with low screenings and high test weight
  • Good CCN resistance
  • ASW quality classification in SA, Victoria and WA
  • SA & Victoria Factsheet