Hammer CL Plus

Hammer CL Plus (tested as OAGT0016) is the highest yielding AH Clearfield wheat variety for WA, SA, Vic and southern NSW growers, and shares similar maturity and adaptation to close relative Mace.

  • Characteristics
  • The highest yielding AH Clearfield variety for WA, SA, Vic and southern NSW
  • AH quality classification with low screenings and high test weight
  • Tolerant to Clearfield Intervix herbicide
  • Closeley related to widely adapted variety Mace, with similar adaptation
  • Quick-mid maturity, similar to Mace
  • Suitable for wheat on wheat situations
  • WA Factsheet
  • SA/Vic/Southern NSW Factsheet

Razor CL Plus

Razor CL Plus has Mace parentage, and offers the best overall package of yield, adaptation and disease resistance out of all of the currently available Clearfield wheat varieties. Razor CL Plus has a similar adaptation pattern to Mace, however, is slightly quicker maturing and higher yielding.

  • Characteristics
  • The highest yielding Clearfield wheat variety currently available
  • Derived from widely adapted variety Mace
  • Tolerant of Clearfield Intervix herbicide
  • Early maturity, slightly quicker than Mace, similar to Corack
  • Good physical grain package, with low screenings and high test weight
  • Good CCN resistance
  • ASW quality classification in SA, Victoria and WA

Sunblade CL Plus

Sunblade CL Plus (tested as SUN968G) offers a significant step forward in Clearfield wheat varieties for NSW and Queensland, being the first to have an APH quality classification. Bred from Suntop, Sunblade CL Plus offers very high yields relative to all other varieties in the main season sowing window.

  • Characteristics
  • Australia's first APH quality Clearfield variety
  • Elite grain yield
  • Tolerant to Clearfield Intervix herbicide
  • Derived from Suntop, with similar maturity
  • Good levels of RLN (P. thornei) tolerance
  • Alternative to Elmore CL Plus wheat, or Clearfield barley varieties
  • Excellent plant-back option for managing imidazolinone residues
  • NSW/QLD Factsheet
  • SA/Vic Factsheet