Illabo (tested as V09150-01) has been bred with the intent of offering growers an improved version of EGA Wedgetail. Illabo offers higher grain yields than EGA Wedgetail, with similar dry matter production.

  • Characteristics
  • Now AH classification in WA
  • Dual purpose, winter wheat for grazing and grain production
  • The highest yielding EGA Wedgetail alternative available
  • APH quality classification for Southern NSW
  • AH quality classification for Victoria & SA
  • Mid winter maturity, 2-3 days quicker than EGA Wedgetail
  • Southern NSW Factsheet
  • Victoria & SA Factsheet


Naparoo is a dual purpose winter wheat suitable for early sowing opportunities across eastern and southern Australia. Naparoo is an awnless variety, and offers excellent dry matter production as well as the ability to produce competitive grain yields after grazing.

  • Characteristics
  • Dual purpose, for grazing and grain production
  • Awness to allow cutting for hay or late season grazing
  • Winter wheat, with long season maturity, similar to Marombi
  • White feed quality grain


Sunlamb was tested as SUN521C, and is a late maturing spring wheat well adapted to longer season environments or early sowing opportunities of eastern Australia. Due to its maturity, Sunlamb is suitable for use as a dual purpose (graze and grain) wheat.

  • Characteristics
  • Late maturing spring wheat, suits early April planting
  • Suitable for grazing and grain production
  • Excellent leaf and stem rust resistance
  • Very good yellow leaf spot resistance
  • Excellent Septoria tritici blotch resistance
  • ASW quality classification for Northern and South Eastern Zones
  • Southern Zone Factsheet
  • South Eastern & Northern Zones Factsheet