Anapurna is a European variety brought to Australia by AGT which excels in very long season, high rainfall environments throughout the mainland of southern Australia and Tasmania. Anapurna is an awned, dual purpose winter wheat variety with red grain, suitable for feed markets.

  • Characteristics
  • Dual purpose winter wheat, suitable for grazing and grain production
  • Awned, red grained, feed quality wheat
  • Delivers very high grain yields in long season environments
  • Slow winter maturity, similar to RGT Accroc
  • Good level of septoria tritici blotch resistance
  • Excellent stripe rust resistance
  • Maintains high grain yields in the absence of foliar fungicides
  • Excellent lodging resistance in high yield potential environments


Illabo (tested as V09150-01) has been bred with the intent of offering growers an improved version of EGA Wedgetail. Illabo offers higher grain yields than EGA Wedgetail, with similar dry matter production.

  • Characteristics
  • Dual purpose winter wheat for grazing and grain production
  • A higher yielding alternative to EGA Wedgetail and LRPB Kittyhawk
  • Mid-quick winter maturity, 2-3 days quicker than EGA Wedgetail
  • APH quality classification for southern NSW
  • AH quality classification for Victoria, SA and WA