Bitalli (tested as AGTD088) is a 'low risk' durum variety, combining adaptation to a range of environments and growing conditions, excellent grain quality with low screenings risk and high test weights, improved levels of straw strength, whilst setting a new yield benchmark across all Southern Australian durum growing environments.

  • Characteristics
  • The highest yielding durum variety currently available in the Southern Zone
  • ADR quality classification in the Southern Zone
  • Very good physical grain characteristics with low screenings and high test weight
  • Quick-mid maturity providing good adaptation in tough finishes to the growing season
  • Small improvement in crown rot resistance over most other varieties
  • Good levels of black point resistance


Westcourt (tested as AGTD090) is our first durum variety specifically bred to perform in the northern durum growing region, offering a dominant package of yield, disease resistance and grain quality.

  • Characteristics
  • Very high yield in the northern region, outperforming leading variety DBA Lillaroi
  • ADR quality classification in Northern and Southern Zones
  • Mid-season maturity, similar to Caparoi, DBA Aurora and DBA Bindaroi
  • Very good physical grain characteristics with low screenings
  • Excellent disease resistance package