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  • About Us

    Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) is Australia's largest plant breeding company, and the market leader in wheat genetics.

  • History

    AGT started out its life in 2002, focussed on breeding wheat for South Australia. We have been growing ever since, and over time our goals have expanded to include multiple crops nation wide.

  • Shareholders and Board

    We are owned by a combination of public and private research and development agencies whose aim is to deliver value to growers, the grains industry and the broader community.

  • Our Varieties

    Our work at AGT is a search for the exemplary. An intensive process of inter-crossing, field and laboratory experimentation, data collection and analysis, and genetic selection over many years culminates in the creation of each of our new field crop varieties. This exhaustive and innovative process leads to new varieties that improve the profitability, sustainability and prosperity of grain growers all over the country.

  • AGT Affiliates

    ​Seed production and distribution of our varieties is managed through a network of professional seed growers, processors and distributors known as AGT Affiliates.

  • Seed Sharing™

    We are passionate about getting new genetics into the hands of growers who can benefit from it. One of the ways we have made seed of new varieties available to growers faster and cheaper is through Seed Sharing™.

  • PBR and EPR Information

    All you need to know about Plant Breeders Rights and the End Point Royalty system.

  • Research

    Ongoing investment and research into the science of breeding and plant agronomics is fundamental to our goal of delivering improvements to the Australian cropping industry.

  • Plant Breeding Research

    We are proud of our scientific achievements at AGT. Our staff not only develop better varieties for Australian farmers, they also contribute to the body of plant breeding science that benefits all of the globe’s citizens.

  • Careers

    If you enjoy seeing your work have real world impact, and you like science or agriculture, we may have a job that is perfect for you.

  • Education

    We are committed to the education of tomorrow's plant breeders and researchers. We provide teaching, mentoring and project supervision in partnership with local research and teaching agencies.

  • AGT moves into barley breeding

    ​Cereal growers are set to reap major benefits from a decision by the country’s largest wheat breeder, Australian Grain Technologies (AGT), to move into barley breeding.

  • News
  • Grenade CL Plus

    Grenade CL Plus is a mid season maturing Clearfield® variety best adapted to South Australian and Victorian growing conditions. Grenade CL Plus is closely related to Justica CL Plus, but offers improvements in test weight and CCN resistance, as well as AH quality. Grenade CL Plus demonstrates improved pre-harvest sprouting tolerance compared with Kord CL Plus.

  • Shield

    Shield was developed from a complex breeding strategy which aimed to combine multiple sources of rust resistance with CCN resistance and elite quality. Shield is an attractive option to growers looking for a low maintenance variety to spread production risk in their cropping program.

  • Corack

    Corack is well adapted to low and medium rainfall environments of southern Australia, particularly where yellow leaf spot and/or CCN can limit production. Both Corack and Mace are derived from Wyalkatchem and consequently have similar adaptation, but Corack has often shown a yield advantage at sites suffering terminal drought stress.

  • Suntop

    Suntop has consistently proven to be a popular choice for the main season planting window in NSW and Queensland. Suntop also offers a solid disease resistance package including good levels of tolerance to root lesion nematode (P. thornei).

  • Mace

    Mace has been the leading wheat variety in both WA and SA in recent seasons. Mace has broad adaptation, consistently high relative yield under a wide range of conditions, and is less susceptible to downgrading at receival due to black point, pre-harvest sprouting or screenings losses than many other varieties.

  • Kord CL Plus

    Kord CL Plus is a mid season maturing Clearfield® variety derived from the successful South Australian variety Gladius. Kord CL Plus tends to perform best relative to other varieties in years and environments which experience drought stress.

  • Hyperno

    Hyperno is derived from Tamaroi and a Kalka sister line, and has demonstrated high and stable grain yields across SA and NSW durum growing regions over a number of years. Hyperno performs particularly well under higher yielding environments.

  • Condo

    Condo is well adapted to low and medium rainfall regions of south and central west NSW. Condo has consistently yielded well in low-medium rainfall environments and offers very good physical grain quality.

  • Elmore CL Plus

    Elmore CL Plus is well adapted to medium rainfall regions of eastern Australia, and is a direct replacement for Clearfield® Janz in that environment. Elmore CL Plus is best suited to growers looking for in-crop control of problem weeds, or to manage the risk of crop damage from chemical residues following Clearfield® Canola crops sprayed with Intervix®.

  • Estoc

    Due to its longer season maturity and relatively high level of pre-harvest sprouting tolerance, Estoc is suited to areas that are at risk of experiencing rain at harvest. Estoc, like Yitpi, is photoperiod responsive, providing a later flowering option for use in frost risk management strategies.

  • Hatchet CL Plus

    Hatchet CL Plus (RAC1843) is a Clearfield® variety derived from the very early maturing variety Axe. Hatchet CL Plus has an adaptation pattern very similar to its parent Axe, as well as offering higher grain yield, CCN resistance, better stem rust resistance, and imidazolinone tolerance. Hatchet CL Plus tends to perform best relative to other varieties in years which experience droughts, in shorter season environments, or in later sowing situations.

  • Kiora

    Kiora is derived from a cross involving Chara, and is best suited to growers looking for an alternative to mid-late maturing varieties Bolac, Chara, Kellalac and Derrimut in medium-high yield potential environments of Victoria and southern NSW.

  • Wallup

    Wallup has been released primarily for the medium and higher rainfall zones of NSW where it has an APH quality classification; and in north eastern Victoria and the Wimmera where it has an AH classification. Wallup is best suited to growers looking for a variety with exceptional physical grain quality and solid disease resistance.

  • Mitch

    Tested as QT14381, Mitch is a high yielding variety best suited to late April-early May planting in northern NSW/Qld. Mitch may also have an application in this planting window where yellow leaf spot and crown rot are limitations to crop production.

  • Naparoo

    Naparoo is a dual purpose winter wheat suitable for early sowing opportunities across eastern and southern Australia. Naparoo is an awnless variety, and offers excellent dry matter production as well as the ability to produce competitive grain yields after grazing.

  • Sunmate

    Sunmate is closely related to the successful variety Suntop, but is around 4 days earlier maturing, similar to Spitfire. Like Suntop, Sunmate produces very high yields but is best suited to planting from mid-June onwards.

  • Bremer

    Tested as WAGT328, Bremer is a mid season AH variety best suited to mid to high rainfall environments within the south coastal region of WA.

  • Axe

    Axe is a very early maturing wheat suited to southern Australia, performing best in years and locations suffering from terminal drought stress. An option for growers in shorter growing season environments or those looking for a late sowing option. Parent to new Clearfield variety Hatchet CL Plus.

  • AGT Katana

    AGT Katana was bred to combine the exceptional quality characteristics of Kukri with the high grain yield potential of Tammin. Across southern production zones, AGT Katana has produced relatively stable yields, comparable to Wyalkatchem.

  • AGT Scythe

    AGT Scythe was released primarily for the lower rainfall environments of SA and WA, where its yield potential was competitive to the common varieties grown at the time. Since release, AGT Scythe has been outclassed by newer varieties.

  • Carinya

    Carinya was derived from Janz, and was released primarily as a Janz replacement for NSW. Carinya has largely been replaced by newer Janz type wheats Merinda and more recently Elmore CL Plus.

  • Correll

    Derived from a cross between Yitpi and elite breeding line RAC875, Correll is a mid season maturing wheat suited to SA and Victoria. Correll produces grain with inherently low relative test weights, and therefore has been largely replaced by lower risk alternatives.

  • Ellison

    Ellison is a mid season maturing variety derived from Suneca and was released primarily for growers in northern NSW and Queensland looking for an APH quality variety with good yellow leaf spot and rust resistance.

  • Espada

    A sister line to Gladius, Espada was selected as a later maturing alternative to Gladius, suited to medium to high yield potential environments of South Australia, Victoria and southern NSW.

  • Fang

    Fang was derived from a cross between Stylet and Annuello, and was released primarily as a mid-late maturing variety for the longer growing season environments of WA to assist in managing the risk associated with frosts, but has now been superceded by superior varieties.

  • Gladius

    Gladius was selected under drought stressed conditions experienced in southern Australia. Gladius therefore tends to perform best relative to other varieties in years which experience drought stress. A major parent of Clearfield variety Kord CL Plus.

  • Justica CL Plus

    Justica CL Plus is a Clearfield® variety best suited to the medium to high yield potential areas of SA, Victoria and WA. Justica CL Plus produces grain with relatively low test weight and therefore has largely been superceded by its sister line Grenade CL Plus, which addresses this issue.

  • Livingston

    Livingston is derived from a cross involving Sunvale, and was released as a higher yielding alternative for Ventura in areas that are not constrained by acid soils.

  • Merinda

    Merinda is an AH variety, suiting the main season planting window in NSW, and was released as a Carinya and Janz replacement for these areas.

  • Sunguard

    Sunguard was released for NSW and Queensland growers looking for a low risk option, offering competitive yields along with high level of Root Lesion Nematode (P. thornei) tolerance and crown rot tolerance as good as currently available.

  • Sunvex

    Sunvex was released as a Sunvale replacement for NSW and Queensland, offering good rust resistance, yellow leaf spot resistance and APH quality.

  • Sunzell

    Sunzell was released for early sowing opportunities in NSW and Queensland, and was derived from a cross involving Sunbrook and Sunstate. Sunzell offers good resistance to Septoria tritici blotch and is acid soil tolerant.

  • Ventura

    Ventura has good tolerance to acid soils, and therefore is best suited to areas of NSW that are constrained by this problem. Ventura was derived from a cross involving Sunvale and Rowan.

  • Waagan

    Waagan is a very early maturing wheat variety, similar to H45, showing best performance in low yielding environments of southern NSW.

  • Saintly

    Saintly is an early maturing durum that is well suited to southern production zones that are at risk of experiencing a sharp finish to the growing season, while still performing well in more favourable environments. In the event of severe grain yield loss through frost, crown rot or terminal drought, Saintly is suitable for hay production due to its tip-awned characteristic.

  • Zulu

    Zulu is a main season feed quality durum variety suited to the high rainfall areas of northern NSW, particularly the Liverpool Plains. Zulu produces good sized grain with low screenings and high test weights, suitable for high quality feed.

  • Fusion

    Fusion is a broadly adapted, mid maturing triticale selected from a unique cross between two triticale lines and Stylet (an unreleased bread wheat). Fusion is suitable to all triticale growing regions of Australia, offering growers stable yield performance with a strong disease resistance package.

  • Chopper

    Chopper is a very early maturing triticale with significantly shorter plant height than other commonly grown varieties. Chopper is highly suited to shorter season environments and performs best relative to other varieties in drought stressed conditions.

  • Hawkeye

    A grain only triticale, released as a Tahara replacement, Hawkeye offers excellent yield stability and adaptability, combined with excellent grain size over a broad range of environments.

  • Jaywick

    Jaywick is a broadly adapted, mid season maturing triticale variety that demonstrates its best yield potential in mid to high yield potential areas of Victoria and NSW, and produces excellent grain size.

  • Sourcing Seed

    We want to make it easy for every grain grower in Australia to enjoy access to seed of our improved varieties.

  • EPR Rates

    A summary of EPR rates for all plant varieties owned by AGT.

  • Forms and Licenses

    If you require any forms that are not available on this page, please contact us.

  • Variety Support
  • Plant Breeding & Research
  • Quality Testing
  • Sponsorships & Collaborations

    We are proud to provide support through sponsorship to grower groups, and collaborate with many research agencies.

  • Agronomic Research

    We don't just use cutting-edge science to breed improved varieties, we also use our technologies and skills to add further value to the industry through agronomic research.

  • The Science of Plant Breeding

    Each year, our people create and test millions of potential new crop varieties; but only a very special few make it to release.

  • Contact Us

    From time to time, you may need to get in touch with us. Please feel free to contact any of our team.

  • Sunlamb

    Sunlamb was tested as SUN521C, and is a late maturing spring wheat well adapted to longer season environments or early sowing opportunities of eastern Australia. Due to its maturity, Sunlamb is suitable for use as a dual purpose (graze and grain) wheat.

  • Bison

    Bison, tested as TSA0451 is a reduced awned triticale derived from Rufus. Bison tends to perform best relative to other triticale varieties in the lower to moderate yield potential environments of central NSW and SA.

  • Plant Breeding and Research Centres

    ​​To make sure that what we do is tailored to each grower’s individual needs, we have breeding teams located in each of the major crop production zones of Australia.

  • Barham

    Barham is a mid season maturing, awnless soft quality wheat suited to biscuit manufacture. Barham is primarily suited to medium to high rainfall environments, long season areas, or under irrigation where its strong straw proves to be an advantage.

  • Yenda

    Yenda is a mid to late season maturing, awned soft quality wheat suited to biscuit manufacture. Yenda is primarily suited to medium to high rainfall environments, longer season areas or under irrigated production systems.

  • Zebu

    A main season wheat with good straw strength, Zebu was selected to be well suited to the high rainfall areas of northern NSW, particularly the Liverpool Plains and areas under irrigation. Zebu produces grain with excellent test weight and size, but of feed quality.

  • Bolac

    Bolac is a mid to late maturing wheat suited to the medium to high rainfall environments of Victoria, particularly the Western District where it has been one of the leading AH varieties grown. Bolac also suits the irrigation areas of southern NSW, where its strong straw helps to resist lodging in high production systems.

  • Young

    Young has performed best in low and medium rainfall environments of southern Australia, particularly where yellow leaf spot and/or CCN can limit production. Young also offers tolerance to acid soils and good resistance to black point at harvest.

  • Pugsley

    Pugsley is a mid to mate maturing variety derived from Frame, which showed high yields throughout South Australia at time of release, but has now been outclassed by superior varieties.

  • Marombi

    Marombi is an awnless dual purpose winter wheat suited to early sowings or long season environments. Marombi has largely been replaced by the variety Naparoo.

  • Kalka

    Kalka is a durum variety suited to South Australian conditions, where its boron tolerance is an advantage. Kalka has been replaced by better performing varieties in South Australian durum growing areas.

  • H45

    H45 was a fast maturing, high yielding wheat variety popular in central and southern NSW. H45 has good resistance to yellow leaf spot, but is very susceptible to stripe rust and has been superceded by safer variety options.

  • H46

    H46 was derived from H45 and was released as a more rust resistant replacement for H45. H46 is most suited to central and southern NSW or areas where H45 has successfully been grown. H46 has an APW quality classification in the South Eastern and Northern Zones.

  • Disclaimer

    ​We update this website as often as is practicable, but information can change rapidly and we do not guarantee its accuracy at any time.

  • Administration
  • Scepter

    Derived from leading variety Mace, Scepter (RAC2182) shares a similar adaptation profile to Mace, but offers increased yield and improved stripe rust resistance (in SA, Vic and NSW). Scepter may also be suitable for wheat on wheat situations due to YLS and CCN resistance.

  • Cutlass

    Cutlass (RAC2069) is a mid to late maturing, photoperiod sensitive wheat, which may be used as a management tool for frost avoidance (like Yitpi and Estoc). Cutlass is suitable as an earlier sowing compliment to Mace; or an alternative to Yitpi, Estoc, Trojan and Magenta.

  • Beckom

    Beckom (V06008-14) is a mid season maturing AH wheat suited to the medium-high yield potential environments of south west NSW, Victoria and SA. Beckom carries good resistance to acid soils as well as boron toxic soils, and suits mid season sowings.

  • Suntime

    Suntime (SUN663A) is an APH quality wheat suited to late April plantings in northern NSW and Queensland, with good resistance and tolerance to root lesion nematodes and resistance to rust.

  • Mace evolves into higher yielding, more disease resistant variety Scepter

    Wheatgrowers in WA, SA, Victoria and southern NSW have for some time been wondering what the next step on from the wheat variety Mace will be.

  • Suntime wheat delivers early sowing option

    Grain growers in the north can look forward to planting an exciting new, early sowing variety called 'Suntime', that fits the lucrative APH quality segregation.

  • Beckom, the new low risk, high return variety for south eastern Australian wheat growers

    New wheat variety 'Beckom' promises to provide growers through southern NSW, Victoria and South Australia with a very high and stable yielding, AH quality option to include into their 2016 cropping program.

  • Sunlamb: New long season, dual purpose wheat variety offering improved rust resistance

    New wheat variety Sunlamb should go a long way to providing many mixed livestock and grain producers with an awnless, dual purpose variety with improved rust resistance compared with most other dual purpose varieties.

  • Astute

    Astute (TSA0466) is a mid season maturing triticale, with a similar maturity to Hawkeye. Astute is widely adapted to all triticale growing regions, showing outstanding yields in higher yield potential areas of NSW.

  • Sow earlier and lessen the risk of frost at flowering with Cutlass

    Southern Australian growers who are keen to take advantage of earlier crop sowing opportunities, and want help in avoiding frost damage, will welcome the release of new wheat variety Cutlass.

  • Australia’s largest plant breeding company to take on lupins

    AGT is adding lupins to its breeding portfolio.

  • AGT appoints Dr Haydn Kuchel Chief Executive

    Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) has appointed Dr Haydn Kuchel as its new chief executive officer.

  • Sunmax

    With an APH classification and slow maturity, Sunmax (SUN714B) is one of the best planting options for the Northern Zone when there is an early break in the season. Sunmax is a long season spring wheat, slower in maturity than Sunbri and Sunzell but slightly quicker than Sunbrook.

  • Coolah

    Coolah (V07176-69) is a higher yielding and more disease resistant alternative to its parent, EGA Gregory. It is well adapted to environments across NSW and QLD, where it has performed well across a range of soil types. Coolah produces large and consistent grain size, resulting in low screenings loss and high test weight.

  • New wheat variety Coolah to add sowing flexibility and improved disease resistance for grain growers

    Coolah offers growers an alternative to the popular variety EGA Gregory.

  • The History of Wheat Breeding in South Australia - Interview with Rex Krause & Gil Hollamby

    An interview with wheat breeding legends Rex and Gil, on the history of Wheat Breeding in South Australia.

  • AGT Actively Encourage Farmers to Access New Crop Varieties Using Seed Sharing

    An initiative first developed by AGT, Seed Sharing™ is a licensed farmer to farmer seed trading scheme, making it easy for every grain grower to enjoy access to AGT varieties.

  • Victorian Growers Receive Targeted Support From New AGT Marketing Manager Rob Harris

    Rob Harris joins the Marketing and Production team at AGT to support Victorian growers.

  • AGT Successful in Securing University of Adelaide Barley Germplasm

    AGT's barley breeding programme set to get stronger.

  • Coolah Wheat Becomes Even More Profitable For Southern NSW Farmers This Planting Season

    Coolah wheat now has an APH quality classification in southern NSW.

  • Cutlass Will Open Up Options for Southern NSW Grain Growers in 2018

    Cutlass wheat now has an AH classification in southern NSW.

  • Scepter Wheat Delivers AH Quality Classification for Southern NSW Grain Growers

    Scepter wheat now has an AH classification in southern NSW.

  • Longsword

    Tested as RAC2341, Longsword is a very unique wheat variety, being a fast maturing winter wheat. A vernalisation or 'cold' requirement means it has a wide sowing window, but like its parent Mace, progresses through grain fill quite quickly relative to other varieties. Longsword is deliverable as FEED only in all regions.

  • Longsword opens the sowing window in medium to low rainfall areas across Australia

    AGT are addressing a gap in the wheat variety market with the release of Longsword, a new winter wheat variety specifically designed for medium to low rainfall environments.

  • World Class Plant Breeding Facilities Due for Completion in 2018

    The Roseworthy Plant Breeding Centre will increase the capacity of AGT to deliver superior genetics into the future.

  • AGT Embrace Regional Experience With the Appointment of Douglas Lush as Northern Marketing & Production Manager

    Douglas Lush joins AGT as Marketing and Production Manager in northern New South Wales and Queensland in February 2018.

  • Coolah delivering great results for NSW in the face of a challenging season

    Off the back of excellent yield performance in 2017, Coolah is set to be a popular variety for growers in NSW again in 2018.

  • Razor CL Plus

    Razor CL Plus has Mace parentage, and offers the best overall package of yield, adaptation and disease resistance out of all of the currently available Clearfield wheat varieties. Razor CL Plus has a similar adaptation pattern to Mace, however, is slightly quicker maturing and higher yielding.

  • Clearfield® wheat gets a yield boost with the release of AGT’s Razor CL Plus

    New AGT variety Razor CL Plus offers yields competitive with Mace and Scepter, along with tolerance to Intervix® herbicide.

  • Longsword to remain as feed quality

    Longsword's EPR set at $2.75 + GST per tonne.

  • Seed Sharing™ Marketplace

    A Marketplace for buyers and sellers of seed, wishing to enter into a Seed Sharing™ arrangement.

  • Illabo

    Illabo (tested as V09150-01) has been bred with the intent of offering growers an improved version of EGA Wedgetail. Illabo offers higher grain yields than EGA Wedgetail, with similar dry matter production.

  • Sunprime

    Sunprime (tested as SUN803U) is a relatively fast maturing APH wheat that gives NSW and Queensland growers the opportunity to plant later in the main season sowing window. Sunprime may be viewed as a higher yielding alternative to popular variety Spitfire.

  • First variety launched out of AGT's dedicated winter wheat breeding program

    A new dual-purpose, high yielding APH wheat is the first variety to be launched out of AGT’s recently established winter breeding program based at Wagga Wagga.

  • Australian farmers set to benefit from AGT's new Southern Crop Breeding Centre

    A new, world-leading crop research centre in South Australia will boost prosperity for farmers.

  • New wheat variety Sunprime offers a high yielding, fast maturing alternative

    A new variety of wheat will give farmers the opportunity to sow later in the season without compromising yields.

  • AGT appoints new lupin breeder to Western Australia-based breeding program

    Australian Grain Technologies has appointed a new lupin breeder to its Western Australia-based program in Northam on the eve of their first lupin variety release.

  • AGT moves to fill soft wheat gap

    Australia’s largest plant breeding company has reaffirmed its commitment to Western Australia’s valuable wheat industry with the appointment of a breeder specialising in soft wheats.

  • AGT welcomes new Marketing Manager to WA

    Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) is excited to appoint Alana Hartley to the role of Marketing Manager for Western Australia.

  • Catapult

    Catapult (RAC2484) may be viewed as a 'longer season' Scepter, with a mid-slow maturity allowing growers to achieve Scepter-like yields when sown in late April. Catapult offers a unique mix of features to growers, combining this maturity type with yellow leaf spot resistance, CCN resistance and AH quality (in WA/SA/Vic/sNSW).

  • Bitalli

    Bitalli (tested as AGTD088) is a 'low risk' durum variety, combining adaptation to a range of environments and growing conditions, excellent grain quality with low screenings risk and high test weights, improved levels of straw strength, whilst setting a new yield benchmark across all Southern Australian durum growing environments.

  • Sunchaser

    Tested as SUN843E, Sunchaser may be viewed as a 'safer Suntop', offering a much lower risk of screenings, whilst retaining its very wide adaptation, yield and agronomic suitability for QLD and NSW.

  • AGT 'Catapults' new variety into market

    A high yielding wheat which provides a safer option for dry sowing is part of AGT’s new variety offering for Australian growers.

  • Growing for gold with Coyote lupin release

    AGT have launched its first narrow-leaf lupin variety Coyote, offering growers in Western Australia a variety with high and stable yields across a range of conditions.

  • Coyote

    Tested as WALAN2546, Coyote is the first narrow-leaf lupin variety to be released by AGT, offering high and stable yields in lupin growing areas of WA, SA and Victoria.

  • Westcourt

    Westcourt (tested as AGTD090) is our first durum variety specifically bred to perform in the northern durum growing region, offering a dominant package of yield, disease resistance and grain quality.

  • New yield benchmark for southern durum growers

    A durum variety released by Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) has set a new yield benchmark for growers in southern Australia.

  • Sunchaser catches yield advantage for growers

    A new high-performing APH quality wheat variety released by Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) offers lower screenings and improved yields, with trial results proving it can outperform its major competitors in key attributes.

  • AGT release first durum variety specifically bred for the northern region

    A new durum variety with ADR quality classification is setting a new yield benchmark for the northern region.

  • Catapult claims AH quality classification in WA

    Catapult, AGT's newest wheat variety has now received an Australian Hard (AH) quality classification in Western Australia, ensuring growers will be able to maximise their returns for the variety.

  • New partnership breeds healthy wheat for Australia

    A new type of wheat which has been specifically bred to offer increased health benefits to humans with 10 times more fibre than standard wheat is on track to enter the Australian food market.

  • Sting

    Sting is a high yielding, quicker maturing variety, particularly suited to the low-medium rainfall environments of WA.

  • Hammer CL Plus

    Hammer CL Plus (tested as OAGT0016) is the highest yielding AH Clearfield wheat variety for WA, SA, Vic and southern NSW growers, and shares similar maturity and adaptation to close relative Mace.

  • Anapurna

    Anapurna is a European variety brought to Australia by AGT which excels in very long season, high rainfall environments throughout the mainland of southern Australia and Tasmania. Anapurna is an awned, dual purpose winter wheat variety with red grain, suitable for feed markets.

  • Ballista

    Ballista (tested as RAC2598) has been released off the back of outstanding results in our yield trials over many years, offering very high and stable yields in SA and Victoria, particularly for Mallee environments where AH quality, CCN resistance and Mace type maturity are attributes that growers are looking for.

  • Coota

    Coota (V10100-064), bred by our team at Wagga Wagga, has been released to offer growers an earlier sowing, APH quality wheat variety that maintains high yield potential across NSW.

  • Denison

    Denison (WAGT734) has been developed by our Northam (WA) breeding team and has emerged out of a Mace/Corack cross. Denison is a slow-very slow spring wheat, a maturity that is very uncommon, but fits the sowing window of mid April in most parts of WA, SA and Victoria.

  • Two new high-yielding AH wheat options for WA growers

    Wheat growers of Western Australia will have a choice of two new high-yielding Australian Hard (AH) varieties for next season, Sting and Hammer CL Plus.

  • Sunflex

    Sunflex (tested as SUN862I) is a great fit for the 'early' planting window in NSW and Queensland, maturing slower than LRPB Lancer. Sunflex offers competitive yields and an excellent physical grain quality package, with an APH classification in the Northern Zone and AH classification in the South Eastern Zone.

  • Sunblade CL Plus

    Sunblade CL Plus (tested as SUN968G) offers a significant step forward in Clearfield wheat varieties for NSW and Queensland, being the first to have an APH quality classification. Bred from Suntop, Sunblade CL Plus offers very high yields relative to all other varieties in the main season sowing window.

  • Sunmaster

    Sunmaster (tested as SUN972P) has been released on the back of outstanding results in AGT yield trials, out-yielding it's parent Suntop by 6-9% across NSW and Queensland. Sunmaster shares many similarities with Suntop, with an APH quality classification, wide adaptation and mid season maturity. Sunmaster can be viewed as a genuine Suntop replacement.

  • Suncentral

    Suncentral (tested as SUN972V) is a stand-out performer across the northern region, but particularly in central Queensland where it offers significantly higher yields than other APH quality varieties in the same planting window. Suncentral is quicker maturing than it's parent Suntop, making it an ideal choice for central Queensland and later planting situations throughout all of the northern region.

  • Beast

    Beast (tested as AGTB0113) is our first ever barley variety, offering very high yields with a vigorous 'Compass' style plant type, which is highly desirable in lower rainfall or Mallee type environments.

  • Exciting new options for southern wheat growers

    Crop breeding specialist Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) is predicting big things from two new AH wheat varieties, Ballista and Hammer CL Plus.

  • New barley is a dry climate Beast

    A new barley variety is set to enhance the productivity and resilience of barley growing across Australia.

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  • Four new APH wheat varieties for QLD/NSW growers

    AGT have released four new wheat varieties that are tailored to suit the distinctive growing conditions of New South Wales and Queensland.

  • Coota released as the APH yield benchmark in southern NSW

    The unique growing conditions of southern New South Wales have driven the development of a new high-yielding APH quality wheat variety from Australian Grain Technologies.

  • New Beast barley proves its worth in WA

    Results from the first commercial planting of Australian Grain Technologies’ (AGT) new Beast barley variety have confirmed its value for growers in challenging environments.

  • Anapurna wheat to crack 10 tonne

    A new winter wheat from Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) is primed to establish itself in the high-rainfall zones of southern Australia with growers expecting impressive yields.

  • Cyclops

    Cyclops (tested as AGTB0200) has demonstrated exceptional performance across a broad range of regions and seasonal conditions, and has emerged as the clear market leader for barley varieties for WA, SA, Vic and southern NSW

  • Minotaur

    Minotaur (tested as AGTB0213) enters the market as a clear step-up from RGT Planet, demonstrating adaptation across a broader range of seasonal conditions and regions and a better over-all physical grain quality package.

  • Calibre

    Calibre (tested as RAC2721) is the first variety derived from Scepter to hit the market and is the next step for growers looking to achieve the gains they made by switching from Mace to Scepter. Calibre also offers a longer coleoptile than it's parent Scepter.

  • 'Scepter replacement' shows its Calibre

    Wheat growers who reaped the benefits of moving from Mace to Scepter in the past will be able to take another big step forward from next season.

  • New barley varieties to boost productivity and profits

    Barley growers can look forward to greater yields and improved reliability from next growing season, thanks to the release of two new market leading varieties.

  • Yeti barley offers Northern growers a monster yield

    Leading field crop breeder Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) has announced the release of their new barley variety ‘Yeti’, with unrivalled yields for growers in the northern cropping region.

  • New wheat offers unique combination of APH quality and elite yield for southern NSW

    A new wheat variety released for 2022 sowing offers southern New South Wales growers the opportunity to produce elite yields of high-value APH quality grain.

  • Durum breeding to grow in commercial sector

    Durum Breeding Australia (DBA), a national durum breeding program delivered by New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) and the University of Adelaide in partnership with the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), today announced that Australian Grain Technologies Pty Ltd (AGT) has been awarded the license to take the durum breeding program forward.

  • Boree

    Boree (tested as V09063-47-16) enters the market as the go-to main season wheat option for southern NSW growers looking to increase profitability, offering elite yields, excellent straw strength and APH quality.

  • Yeti

    Yeti (tested as AGTB0043) sets a new yield benchmark across all northern growing regions, and produces grain with high test weights and excellent grain size. Yeti is related to Compass, but has a shorter plant height, offering improved standability.

  • AGT adds experience to executive team

    Leading field crop breeder Australian Grain Technologies (AGT) has announced the appointment of two new members to its Roseworthy-based leadership team.

  • A new dawn in plant breeding: Australian Plant Breeding Academy

    The University of Adelaide’s School of Agriculture, Food and Wine is partnering with Australian Grain Technologies Pty Ltd (AGT) on a new academy to take Australia’s plant breeding into the future.

  • AGT opens the door for new wheat classifications

    Great news for wheat growers! Australian Grain Technologies has played a leading role in a recent Wheat Quality Australia (WQA) announcement of new quality classifications.

  • AGT Wagga Wagga appoints new Variety Support Officer

    AGT is pleased to confirm Darcey Boucher-Hill in newly created role

  • New Variety Support Manager for South Australia

    Brad Koster takes up key role at AGT Roseworthy

  • Partnership to launch new herbicide tolerant system for barley

    A new three-way strategic partnership has been formed to launch a new herbicide-tolerant barley production system in Australia and help growers manage difficult weeds such as brome grass, barley grass, wild oats and annual ryegrass.

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